Water Balloons

By | March 10, 2010

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REF WA-001

2″ (0.22/23gsm)/pc

Material: Latex / Colour: Any Colour
MOQ: 10000 bags (100pcs/ bag)

 water_balloons WATER BALLOONS:

3″ (0.26/28gsm)/pc

Material: Latex / Colour: Any Colour 
MOQ: 10000 bags (100pcs/ bag)

More Information about Water Balloons:

Water balloons are regular balloons filled with water for fun purposes; they are also known as water bombs and they make the attraction at water fights and in children’s games. Water balloons are fragile objects which is why they are preferably thrown by hand, as less force is required. The balloon could be tied or just twisted at the end, and thus it can start to expel water during the flight, increasing the fun of the game. Usually, water balloons are used on targets, or they can become the main attraction in a trick played to a friend. Some toy stores even sell special accessories known as water balloon launchers that can project the balloon several hundred feet away.

Manufacturers have come up with special designs for water balloons that differentiates them from the regular latex models. They can only be filled up to the size of an apple or tennis ball in order to be more easily maneuvered. On the other hand, an air balloon filled with water will get the size of a basketball, which makes it difficult to throw and even risky for the player. The latex could easily break and the water bomb drops in the wrong place. The thickness of water balloons brings a higher safety level, not to mention that they are a lot easier to carry.

Water balloons often fail to explode when thrown at a target which is found pretty annoying and fun-ruining. In terms of safety rules, all water balloons should be used according to the purpose they are made for and not in other activities. Choosing regular air balloons over water models exposes you to the discomfort of getting wet if the water bomb drops too close to you. Then, you should always buy latex water balloons since they are natural and biodegradable, any other material is not compatible with the environment.

Children use water balloons in all sorts of games, make sure they do so in a safe environment where they cannot hurt themselves or someone else. Water balloons are a source of great entertainment during special events and summer celebrations specific to one location or another. They are not expensive and they can be purchased from any toy shop or ordered directly on the Internet. Web pages that sell water balloons also include info on their specificity, thickness and adequacy of usage. Have a look over such details so as to make the best of them!