Standard Balloons

By | March 8, 2010

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Available in several Size:

5″, 7″, 9″, 10″,11″, 12″

Material: Latex / Colour: Any Colour
MOQ: 2000 bags (100pcs/ bag)

Colour Swatch - Std Balloons


More Information about Balloons Decoration:

Are you planning a big party but the budget is pretty straining? Well, you can consider balloon decorations that are not only cost-effective but they also make a room shine. Amazing results and a great party atmosphere should be very much within reach if you have a bit of decoration skill, the ability to choose the right materials and patience to make the balloon decorations. Balloon games, gifts and even releases are other ideas of fun you could put into practice for the special event. Here are some tips to use for the balloon decorations.

One very stylish and popular idea for balloon decorations is the hot air balloon design applications; this is ideal for kids’ parties and informal celebrations, anniversaries and even corporate events. Then, balloons filled either with air or with helium can be tied in bunches of three, five or nine and used to decorate various corners on the party premises. Keep in mind that such balloon decorations are best designed with an odd number of items, so that you can have a central balloon higher and different than the rest. Color variations and alternate design patterns also work great, and you are free to use your imagination to match them!

Balloon decorations are very often an imagination challenge, and you won’t know how good you are at it, until you’ve tried. You can feel a child again with all the fuss and the enthusiasm of blowing up balloons and hanging them in various arrangements. If you cannot handle the balloon decorations yourself, you can hire a professional team to do everything for you. Wedding and event planners are prepared with all the items necessary to make great-looking balloon decorations. For complex events like weddings it is actually advisable to have an experienced person overlooking the overall design.

Themes are also great with balloon decorations, but this idea works well for baby showers, children’s parties and other casual events that do not require a too high level of formality. You can make a giant teddy bear, a clown or a famous cartoon character out of colored balloons. The possibilities prove nearly endless and the materials are very easy and pretty cheap to purchase. In case you want to accomplish something really unique, but you lack inspiration, have a look online and see suggestions appropriate for your kind of event. Take a little bit from here, a little bit from there, and the concept will start taking shape!

More Information about Balloons Arches:

Balloon arches are the right decorations to add a tinge of very festive air to a celebration without breaking the bank. Balloon arches have a great aesthetic effect for weddings, birthday parties, special anniversaries and all sorts of other events that require festive decorating. The balloons are arranged on a framework so as to create a pattern; you have to choose the color and the alternation of motifs in the design of the arch. The beauty is that you can get balloon arches ready made by special design companies or event planners; or you can make the framework yourself and attach the balloons if you’d rather go for the do-it-yourself option.

The design of balloon arches starts with the frame that can be improvised from a PVC pipe, or a plastic/metal rod. The frame could be either attached to the wall/ceiling or it could have some form of solid ground support. The advantage of balloon arches is that you can combine the decorative elements in such a way that you can get columns or anything you can dream of. The balloons are afterwards attached with wire, tape or string in the combination you choose. The only problem with balloon arches is that just like flower decorations, they are short-lived.

If you want to enjoy balloon arches for a longer period of time, fill them with air, not helium, since the latter will get through the latex pores of the balloons in less than twelve hours. Moreover, do not construct the balloon arches somewhere else and them have them installed at the party location. It is advisable to design everything on site and with as little mess as possible. A compressor or an electric pump should help you fill the balloons in a short period of time, and if you have someone else to help you, the arch will be ready a lot sooner.

The size of the balloons in the balloon arches is one of the issues many people forget to consider. Decoration tips suggest that you should cut a template out of cardboard the exact size of what you need the balloons to be. After the size, one other aspect that should never be overlooked is the number of balloons required. Generally speaking, six balloons per foot of frame length are enough if we are talking about regular cluster balloon arches. Some Internet sites also offer formulas to calculate the number of balloons according to the height and the length of the arch. You could use such tricks if you are interested in highly accurate design.