Printed Balloons

By | March 10, 2010

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5″, 7″, 9″, 10″,11″, 12″

Material: Latex / Colour: Any Colour
MOQ: 2000 bags (100pcs/ bag)


Our Printed Balloons Designs :


animals_latex_balloons batman_latex_balloons girl_latex_balloons_01 halloween_latex_balloons_11  halloween_party_latex_balloons halloween_party_latex_balloons_02 halloween_party_latex_balloons_03 halloween_party_latex_balloons_04 halloween_party_latex_balloons_05 happy_birtday_latex_balloons_02 happy_birtday_latex_balloons_05 happy_birtday_latex_balloons_06 happy_birtday_latex_balloons_07 happy_birtday_latex_balloons_09 happy_birthday_party_latex_balloons I_love_you_latex_balloons I_love_you_latex_balloons_02 merry_christmas_latex_balloons_01 moustache_latex_balloons Pirate_Latex_Balloons_02 pirates_latex_balloons_01 safari_latex_balloons_01 Santa_trees_latex_balloons_01 smiley_latex_balloons_02 smiley_latex_balloons_03 smiley_latex_balloons_05 smiley_latex_balloons_06 smiley_latex_balloons_07 snowball_latex_balloons_01 stars_latex_balloons_01


 And much more…!

Please contact us if you want to print any special Artwork on your Latex Balloons:


More Information about Printed Balloons:

Custom balloons offer very innovative decor ideas for a large number of events: from regular birthday parties and celebrations to weddings, grand openings, holiday events, trades and corporate occasions. The companies who specialize in designing custom balloons also offer complete balloon deliveries, balloon drops, launches and even sculptures. Moreover, custom balloons find their applications in special twisting and modeling sessions as part of the same entertainment activities. Beyond the classic decorative touch, businesses have come to use custom balloons for advertising purposes. Logos, corporate colors, contact details and special messages, find their place on custom balloons that have thus become part of the promotional items category.

Depending on the usage, custom balloons are imprinted by closely following the clients’ specifications. All you need to do is provide the customizers with the message, picture or details that you want them to print on the balloons. You can expect for such orders that a minimum number of balloons be required, but this amount varies from one service provider to another. Custom balloons have the advantage of meeting exactly the client’s imaginative expectations, not to mention that the decorative part can be combined with other similar activities like balloon twisting and face painting. For kids’ parties such moments are true fun!

For trade shows, custom balloons are the decor and the visual statement that highlights the business or product message. When launching a promotional campaign or organizing a big opening, the use of custom balloons is nearly a must. Festive bouquets, columns or arches can be created out of such items chosen from a variety of collections. Plus, there is one other advantage when selecting these advertising means: the low price. The investment in custom balloons is minimum if compared to costs involved by other promotional materials and techniques. Used wisely, custom balloons could create a very positive image impact for your business.

Weddings are other great occasions where custom balloons have a big role to play. Besides the decorations necessary for the reception hall, custom balloons are used for the making of the wedding arch. Such decorations will be matched in colors with the motifs chosen by the bride and the groom, and therefore, in-advance planning is necessary to make sure that you get what you want. Wedding planners usually have contracts with service providers that deal in custom balloons and they should be able to get you a very good deal. The other option is for you and your family to take care of the decoration part without any professional help. Whichever be the case, custom balloons are considered standard items to include in the arrangement.