We supply High Quality Latex Balloons for Party, Events, and Advertising. We can produce various sizes, shapes, colours according to client’s request. We can also print customer’s logo on our balloons according to your artworks and your requirements.
With more than 30 years of experience in the Far East, we provide our clients with absolute assurance when it comes to the quality of all Services and Products. Our Quality Standards are constantly verified in the factory by performance tests conducted on every item by the Quality Control Department.

Please visit our PRODUCTS page to discover our range of Printed balloons, Party balloon, Birthday balloon, Wedding balloon, Water balloons, Giant balloon, Rocket balloon, Modelling balloon, Twisty Balloons, Heart Shape balloons, Neon balloons, Pearl balloons, Foil balloons etc.



Balloons packaging China

PACKAGING: If you are looking for any special Packaging for your Balloons. Please contact us! Our in house Design Team is always there to assist you and create fantastic Packaging totally adapted to your Market and Clients.



Party supplies

PARTY SUPPLIES: If you are looking for Party Supplies, Party Costumes, Party Tableware, Guirlands, Party Poppers…etc, please contact us. Our sister company: http://party-supplies-china.com is supplying any kind of party Items especially designed to give creativity to your party events. Find more info on: http://party-supplies-china.com




Weather balloons

WEATHER BALLOONS: If you are looking for Meteorological Balloons, Sounding Balloons, Pilot Balloons or Balloons Parachute, please contact us. For more information please visit our website: http://www.weatherballoons.asia





If you are looking for any kind of Party Supplies such as Party Costumes, Party Tableware and Decorations, Pinatas, Party Glasses & Party Hats, Confettis & Poppers, Party Lights…etc. Please visit our website : PARTY SUPPLIES CHINA